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The Dog Boarding

  • No breed or tempermant restrictions
  • Total climate control - radiant floor heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer
  • Walked twice daily for 10 to 15 minutes 7-days per week with our pet care specialist
  • Oversized dog runs
  • Feedin schedules to your recommendation
  • Town & Country Pet Care Center serves IAMS™ pet food
  • Your dog's favorite food can be brought from home / special feedings are welcome
  • Room Service cleans and sanitizes your pets room daily
  • Play-times and Additional Activities available

    A few of our Dog Additional Boarding services:

    • Outdoor Playtime
    • Indoor Playtime - (In our Happy Yappy Playroom.)
    • Splash and Play Time
    • Cuddle Me Time
    • Comfort Walks
    • Tuck-In and Turn Down Service

For the Cat Lover - A program choice of Camping or Cruising

  • Total climate control - heated in the Winter, air-conditioned in the Summer
  • A state-of-the-art cattery available for "Cruising", the S.S. KITTY CITY
  • Spacious rooms are separated by aquariums providing endless hours of entertainment
  • Cats from the same household can be placed in adjoining condos which can be opened to allow free access to visit with each other
  • Each condo is multi-level, with carpeted ramps, bridges, and porthole window with a balcony
  • Presidential Suites with Jumbo Fish Tanks, peek a boo windows, 3 levels, tunnel toys, and luxury bedding.(as available)
  • Also available is our "Cat Camping" cattery, complete with lots of "trees and tunnels" to play in. The decor is pure "COUNTRY" with bird feeders outside their windows to safely view the wild life.
  • Cattery Additional Boarding services:

    • Kitty Play Time
    • Cat Cuddle Me Time

Our kitchens stock only premium foods, Iams™ and Eukanuba™, both Canned and Dry. We are also equipped to provide special diets on request for an additional charge. You may also bring their favorite foods from home. We will cook if provided.

Call for Pricing and Additional Information

Our Current Specials
Ask about our indoor/ outdoor playtimes.

Now offering Frosty Paws Ice Cream Socials with outdoor play.